INTIX helps financial institutions (FIs) and corporate treasuries address financial data management challenges in four strategic areas: regulatory compliance, business intelligence, customer services and risk management. 

Given the size and complexity of their IT infrastructure, FIs and corporates often deal with dozens of IT systems. INTIX helps its clients retrieve, consolidate and reconcile any type of financial messaging data and protects them from any IT complexity and obsolescence issues. INTIX will retrieve data wherever it is stored and whichever format is used.

The easy-to-use and complete suite of INTIX solutions breaks down the organizational silos that typically exist within financial institutions to provide a complete picture of an institution’s financial messaging data across a myriad of sources. Not only does this make it easy for financial institutions to respond to the increasing requirements for compliance and reporting, it also provides a business opportunity to turn financial messaging data into valuable insights and information for their customers’ benefit.

Your challenges

Regulatory compliance
Business intelligence
Customer services
Risk management


INTIX Message Suite

Transforming your financial messaging data into valuable business information and supporting our customers in meeting their compliance obligations


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