Financial Institutions need to become master of their data

Institutions need to master their data

Institutions that become master of their own data will benefit from a competitive advantage which they will turn into business profit. Given the continuous evolution of their IT infrastructure and adoption of digital processes, financial institutions and corporates deal with a myriad of systems and applications, all having their own software technology, access method, security, user interfaces, data semantics and structures, messaging formats, etc. The multitude of legacy systems make it difficult for management and staff to access transaction data. Data management tools are addressing this challenge by connecting various internal systems, data sources and data sets. Data management technology makes it possible to gain insights into transactional flows and deliver the appropriate analytics. 

INTIX offers such technology. We help financial institutions and corporates address a series of strategic data management objectives including: regulatory compliance reporting; analytics-based decision making; improved customer service; effective audit and risk management. INTIX serves institutions active in the Financial Services industry commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions, market infrastructures and corporate treasuries.

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