The Digital Imperative: A trillion-dollar Big Data Opportunity

The Digital Imperative: A Trillion-Dollar Big Data Opportunity

It’s not exactly a well-kept secret that big data and advanced analytics have the potential to unlock tremendous value for businesses. But while many companies view big data as a strategic asset, few have yet to realize its full potential.


BCG research shows that leaders in the use of big data generate 12% higher revenues than companies that don’t experiment with big data. They are three times more likely than weak innovators to mine big data for new-project ideas and to actively target innovation toward digital design, mobile products and capabilities, speed of adopting new technologies, and big-data analytics.

The insights gleaned from data analytics can be invaluable to companies of all ages and sizes, from the scrappy startup to the global retailer with roots going back more than 100 years. Given a culture of transparency and a willingness to put data insights into action, companies have a sizeable opportunity to achieve a step change in performance through data and analytics.

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