The Analytics Skills of the Digital Innovator

The Analytics Skills of the Digital Innovator

In 2017 and beyond, innovation with digital technologies is no longer a strategic option: it has become a necessity. Certain companies like Facebook, Alphabet, Apple, Amazon and IBM have become so adept at analytics that we refer to them as digital titans. In fact, these companies present a threat to every business with their superior information processing and analytics capabilities.

IDC predicts that the digital transformation (DX) economy will drive 60% of IT spending by 2020.1 Laying over the solid foundation of mobile computing, social networking, cloud computing, analytics, and IoT technologies, DX will drive competitiveness and profit to new heights.

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INTIX will help institutions to address data management challenges. As per above post, “those who spend their days doing analytics know most of their efforts go into obtaining, cleaning, integrating, and managing data. For the analytics-master innovator, data management skills involve much more than manipulating columns in Excel. The digital innovator should be able to tap into streams of data both private and public. This requires them master the use of APIs behind the firewall and outside, administer customer surveys, and incorporate them into the organization’s data flows. The digital innovator should know the principles of API data exchanges; understand data storage, both for structured and unstructured data (i.e., relational and NoSQL databases); and command query languages (e.g., SQL, the most widely used analytics tool,3 used to querying and editing data in relational databases). In addition, the digital innovator should know how to clean and transform data for analysis, a tedious process that can be standardized by creating workflows in R or Python.”