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INTIX Operational Data Store

The INTIX Operational Data Store (ODS) provides a layer containing all required customer, account and payment data between the outside world and the core banking applications. It is designed to address requirements such as those inherent with PSD 2.

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Transaction processing within financial institutions involves many different systems, ranging from message interfaces serving various channels, over payment engines or other on-line transaction processing systems, filtering applications to core banking systems and ledger applications. These systems are interconnected using real-time message interfaces or file-based batch interfaces.

The problem statement that is addressed by an Operational Data Store can be formulated as:

Today, financial institutions are facing the challenge of keeping track of the status of individual transactions over the entire life-cycle of a transaction, accross all of these systems, in real-time.

The concept of a transaction data store is emerging as a best practice for monitoring the transaction life-cycle across multiple systems. Although there is no unique definition of the term, it is based on the more generic concept of an Operational Data Store:

An Operational Data Store is a system with medium-term persistence that integrates transaction data from different, heterogeneous source systems in order to facilitate operational reporting and monitoring in real-time or near real-time.

The INTIX Message Suite is a modular solution to store, manage, track and analyse large volumes of messages, transactions and events in real-time. The combination of the archive, warehouse, tracker and monitor modules makes it a perfect functional and technical match for an Operational Data Store solution.

The INTIX Message Suite provides a single window on heterogeneous data originating from many source systems. It is a highly scalable system with a small hardware footprint. It can be implemented in a transaction processing landscape with a complex systems topology in a non-intrusive way, with minimal impact on existing infrastructure.

As a standard software product, the INTIX Message Suite provides out-of-the-box support for many critical functions of an Operational Data Store. Implementation projects are therefore light-weight and short-lived.

One of the key aspects outlined by the upcoming PSD2 regulation is the addition of new Payment Initiation Services (‘PI Services’) which will allow Third Party Payment Service Providers (‘TP PSP’) to initiate payments from accounts they do not manage. The existing Payment Service Providers (‘PSPs’) such as banks will be obliged to let their customers use PI services provided by TP PSPs.

PSD2 mandates access to bank accounts via API’s (XS2A). This brings many technological and operational challenges and concerns such as the creation, maintenance and support for API’s to all concerned banking applications; security concerns to provide direct outside access to core banking application and the impact on legacy systems and core banking applications.

The INTIX Operational Data Store (ODS) mitigates the security and operational concerns by providing a layer where al TP PSPs can connect instead of direct access to the core banking applications.

The solution enables a single point-of-access for TP PSPs to the required information without direct access to the legacy systems; a medium-term persistence for complex data structures. It is a unique combination of data store and middleware functions.

Additionally it also captures all payment initiations and account management actions allowing institutions to manage the operational load, without duplicating business logic.