Business Intelligence

Turning data into a competitive advantage is nowadays seen as the Holy Grail. However, the extended digital environment leads to higher complexity for staff to find and interpret information given the growing number of data sources and the higher volumes of digital transactions.

As critical transaction information is siloed, enterprise-level reporting and decision making are impaired. Working across data sources can be tedious or impossible given the variety of data semantics in use.

INTIX helps financial institutions and corporations address such challenges by aggregating data from multiple data sources and delivering the appropriate analytics across the enterprise. INTIX will shield end-users from the complexity of internal systems, transaction semantics and formats, … and will help automate the production of analytics.


Become intelligently flexible with the INTIX Message Suite

The INTIX Message Suite centralizes the core integration functions of the solution, such as interfacing, message handling, security, … The INTIX solution comes with a standard authentication module, but can optionally also integrate with your institution’s own Single Sign On solution.