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INTIX is making use of various types of cookies: functional, analytical and marketing.

The marketing cookies gather information on the activities of individual users. Those aim at providing you with the most relevant ads from third parties.

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Why cookies?

The use of cookies helps INTIX increase visitors’ convenience. Cookies deliver insights on the site effectiveness. This increases visitors’ user friendliness and attractiveness for the visitor. In order to achieve this, data on individual users are being collected.

Functional and analytical cookies

Such cookies are being put for technical and content optimisation. Those cookies do not collect personal information such as phone nr, email address or browsing behaviour. No email or marketing activities are triggered by such cookies.

Marketing cookies

Advertising cookies are being installed by media companies such as Google or Facebook in order to promote appropriate ads. By accepting such cookies, you accept that personal data such as IP addresses be collected. Those cookies enable tracking of end users within and outside the INTIX web site.