Customer Experience

Access to transaction data is critical for customer services department too. When handling customer enquiries on past or pending transactions, customer services staff need to find transaction details easily and be able to provide clients a detailed response in the shortest possible timeframe.

However, operational support teams often need to log in multiple back-office systems to retrieve the very transaction that a client is enquiring about. Given the high number of internal systems, transaction data takes too much time to access and this limits ability to serve end-customers promptly.

INTIX helps financial institutions and corporations address such challenges by providing a single access and searching method to all transactional systems. This enables customer service staff to raise client satisfaction by handling enquiries in real time thanks to instant retrieval of transaction details.


Become intelligently flexible with the INTIX Message Suite

The INTIX Message Suite centralizes the core integration functions of the solution, such as interfacing, message handling, security, … The INTIX solution comes with a standard authentication module, but can optionally also integrate with your institution’s own Single Sign On solution.