INTIX enables data intelligibility with the ...

INTIX Message Monitor

The INTIX Message Monitor provides a real-time view on all messaging flows. It will signal exceptions and anomalies in the message flows. It will use predictive models to know what to expect. The INTIX Message Monitor exploits the richness in messaging data managed by the INTIX Message Suite to raise alerts. As an example, the INTIX Message Monitor shows great added value in the generation of alerts for monitoring volumes around cut-off time, as well as monitoring values in support of your intra-day liquidity forecasting, and many more.

Key functionalities

  • Real-time
  • Operational dashboards
  • Status management
  • Query-based alerting
  • Data mining
  • Predictive pattern monitoring

Monitoring applications

  • Cut-off time monitoring
  • High-value payments monitoring
  • Message flow integrity monitoring
  • Service level monitoring

Alerting functionalities

  • Alert rules
  • Message alerts
  • Report alerts
  • Alert distribution (email, file, …)


  • Improved decision making, based on volume and value based statistics
  • Better management of your intra-day liquidity needs
  • Exception based alerting
  • Minimized number of false positives
  • Improved capacity management
  • Cost reduction