INTIX enables data intelligibility with the ...


The INTIX Transaction Tracker provides a single window on all institution-to-institution or system-to-system communication. It will correlate individual messages in real-time and recognise conversations. Using the INTIX Transaction Tracker you will be able to efficiently diagnose anomalies in the end-to-end transaction flow.

When combined with the use of SWIFT’s Global Payment Innovation (GPI), the INTIX Transaction Tracker will incorporate all SWIFT GPI notifications into its transaction monitoring to further increase end-to-end visibility.

INTIX Transaction Tracker Demo

Key functionalities

  • Real-time
  • Tracking of system-to-system messages and events
  • Correlation of events
  • Capturing of the entire life-cycle of transactions, messages and events
  • Connection to any communication middleware


  • End-to-end visibility on transactions
  • Faster incident detection
  • One single view on all systems
  • Dramatic increase in quality
  • Reduced client incidents

Some use cases

  • Track transactions such as payments end to end
  • Provide real-time diagnostics of critical communication incidents in an efficient way
  • One single platform to monitor all exchanges between all systems
  • Faster problem identification at transaction and message level
  • SWIFTgpi implementation

The INTIX Transaction Tracker connects to any communication middleware and tracks messages and events in real time. It captures the entire life-cycle of transactions, messages and events. It provides structured and full-text search on all messaging data to allow the end-user to find specific messages and their status within seconds. As such, communication incidents can be efficiently analysed.

The Tracker is capable of correlating different events, or part of the same communication session, and presents related information as a single message with a processing history. The Tracker provides real-time diagnostics of critical communication incidents in an efficient way.