INTIX Message Suite - more details

Powerful searching, reporting & dashboards

The INTIX Message Suite enables searching and reporting across all financial message types (including SWIFT MT & MX). The powerful search functionality ensures a fast return of the requested information. The INTIX Message Suite solution also delivers the data presentation in a user-friendly model-view and generates configurable reports based on the data.

There are significant benefits to your organization’s regulatory compliance, customer service and strategic business analysis. The INTIX Message Suite enables a higher level of transparency and visibility into your company’s financial messaging data. This solution makes it possible to eliminate duplicative and unnecessary manual processes.




Gain business-critical insights

The INTIX Message Suite helps financial institutions make sense of their financial messaging data. Many companies already have a significant trove of valuable business information contained in their own financial messaging data. Our solution helps your company learn from your own data, identify trends, and gain actionable business intelligence from the data that you already have in your archives.


The INTIX Message Suite is fully web based, highly intuitive, and will be a seamless addition to your organization’s existing work processes. Users will not need extensive (and costly) training. The lack of training costs and switching costs also contribute to this solution’s effectiveness in lowering your operational costs.

Seamless integration

The INTIX Message Suite respects data integrity by not importing, nor duplicating, the messaging data. All data resides and stays in your secured systems and databases. The INTIX Message Suite can connect with all of these systems.

The INTIX Message Suite is highly configurable to meet customer specific requirements and is open to integration with various storage and middleware technologies. It is a secure system supporting various authentication methods as well as function and data segregation.


The innovative technology of the INTIX Message Suite offers higher processing power, faster speed, more sophisticated search capabilities, and optimum efficiency. The INTIX Message Suite is capable of processing very high volumes.

Intel(R) assisted us in demonstrating that the INTIX Message Suite is a highly scalable solution, and designed for small as well as large messaging volumes.

System Requirements

The INTIX Message Suite features a 4-tier Java architecture. It runs on all major Unix and MS Windows operating systems and their supported hardware. Both the Oracle and PostgreSQL relational database management systems are supported, and the solution can be deployed on any application server implementing the Servlet 2.0 specifications.