Our solution addresses needs in 5 strategic areas

INTIX helps financial institutions address data management challenges in five strategic areas

Business Activity Monitoring

All banks – whether large or smaller – rely on a complex set of internal systems supporting the end-to-end processing of transactions (e.g., payments), ranging from e-banking portals and channels, to connectivity software, sanctions filtering systems, messaging middleware solutions, core payment engines, interfaces to clearing systems and correspondent banks, …

The INTIX Transaction Tracker provides the operations and business teams real-time status on live operations at granular level, as well as an accurate measurement of processing times. It enables faster identification of processing issues.

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Business Intelligence

Turning data into a competitive advantage is nowadays seen as the Holy Grail. However, the extended digital environment leads to higher complexity for staff to find and interpret information given the growing number of data sources and the higher volumes of digital transactions.

INTIX helps financial institutions address such challenges by aggregating data from multiple data sources and delivering the appropriate analytics across the enterprise. INTIX will shield end-users from the complexity of internal systems, transaction semantics and formats, … and will help automate the production of analytics.

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The regulatory mandates make effective information management no longer optional for financial institutions.

One of the main obstacles for compliance officers is related to data accessibility which is often depleted due to legacy technology or due to dependency on other departments. INTIX helps compliance officers access all transaction data across any internal system. INTIX also helps compliance officers protect their institution against any tampering and any injection of unwarranted instructions in the internal processing chain.

In addition, INTIX addresses typical needs around access to long-term archives, automation of regulatory reporting, managing in-country archives, aggregating risk data, deliver compliance analytics, report on intra-day liquidity and providing end-to-end transaction traceability.

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Risk & Audit

Audit and risk management policies call for many transactional events to be tracked and metrics to be reported for internal and external use.

INTIX helps financial institutions address such challenges by aggregating data from multiple sources and delivering the appropriate audit and risk metrics on transactional flows.

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Customer Experience

Access to transaction data is critical for customer services department too. When handling customer enquiries on past or pending transactions, customer services staff need to find transaction details easily and be able to provide clients a detailed response in the shortest possible timeframe.

INTIX helps financial institutions address such challenges by providing a single access and searching method to all transactional systems. This enables customer service staff to raise client satisfaction by handling enquiries in real time thanks to instant retrieval of transaction details.

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INTIX serves all parties involved in financial transactions including market infrastructures and non-bank financial institutions as depicted below:

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INTIX makes your transaction data accessible and actionable