Argenta teams up with INTIX for automated reporting to the European Central Bank

08 October, 2015 – INTIX, a Belgium-based supplier of innovative solutions for the financial industry, recently delivered its INTIX Message Warehouse solution to Argenta Spaarbank. Argenta, the fifth largest Belgian bank, selected the INTIX software to create and automate, among other things, the compulsory compliance reports to the European Central Bank.

Thanks to the INTIX Message Warehouse financial institutions can create and analyse reports based on their financial messages, regardless of the formats or systems used. The operational efficiency will thus increase and allow banks to better comply with the laws and regulations on financial reporting.

“Since 01 January 2015 we have to generate payment statistics for the European Central Bank”, says Geert Ameloot, CFO at Argenta. “Thanks to the INTIX solution these data can be retrieved and analysed much quicker and easier. We can now create detailed reports for the management and answer questions from clients much quicker. The system does not only save us a lot of time but will also be beneficial to the customer satisfaction and general reputation of our bank.”

Through integrated and flexible business intelligence dashboards the bank will gain a better insight in message flows. These can even be consulted in real time. Also more complex formats like SEPA data (or Swift MX data) and cross-border payments can now be effortlessly processed and analysed. Marc Braet, Managing Partner at INTIX, adds: “With the INTIX Message Warehouse financial institutions are getting access to all their messaging data and long-term archives. Far-reaching searches, reports and business intelligence functionalities all become possible, regardless of the type of financial messages. This allows banks to quickly and effortlessly meet internal audits and all kinds of compliance requirements.”

About Argenta

Argenta Bank and Insurance group is a banking and insurance company for families which operates in Belgium and the Netherlands, and represents almost 1.6 million clients. The banking activity is grouped around Argenta Spaarbank (savings bank) and the insurance activity around Argenta Assuranties (insurance). Argent had a balance sheet total of over EUR 37.7 billion at the end of 2014. In 2014, the net annual profit of Argenta Bank and Insurance group amounted to EUR 250 million.


INTIX, based in Mechelen in Belgium is active globally. INTIX is an innovative service provider for the fi- nancial industry. INTIX offers to create a single view of all financial messaging data for easy access, gene- rates reports for regulators, and delivers tools for monitoring and traceability. INTIX has customers in Africa, Asia, Europe, Russia and South America. Customers include financial institutions such as Argenta Spaarbank, KBC Bank, Russian Agriculture Bank, Isbank, ICG Guatemala, BankServ Africa and also companies.