Maroclear chooses the INTIX solution for archiving and supervision of all its financial flows

Casablanca, 18 June 2016 – Maroclear, the Central Depository of Securities in Morocco, and INTIX announced that Maroclear chose the INTIX Message Suite solution for archiving and supervision of all its financial messaging flows.

The INTIX solution provides financial institutions with a single access to all their financial messa- ging data, regardless of formats and standards. This ease of access provides the opportunity for easier and flexible reporting, improving operational efficiency and addresses the needs in the context of audit and compliance. At the same time, the INTIX solutions offer the ability to turn these data into valuable and practical information, and as such to better understand its custo- mers and its business.

Fathia Bennis, CEO of Maroclear explains: “Faced with a significant change in the volume of messages exchanged with affiliates, Maroclear had to have a tool allowing an orderly archive of all messages. The INTIX solution was selected because it supports all standards of financial mes- sages such as ISO 15022, ISO 20022, FIX and even our proprietary formats. In addition, it offers flexibility and user friendliness. ”

Marc Braet, CEO of INTIX adds: “We are delighted that the Central Depository of Securities Ma- roclear chose INTIX Message Suite. This decision demonstrates that Maroclear offers its users a powerful tool for statistical analysis and monitoring and traceability of financial transactions. ”

About Maroclear

Maroclear is the Central Depository of Securities in Morocco since 1997. On behalf of its affiliates, Ma- roclear is responsible for the dematerialisation of securities and conservation. It also manages the settlement system that allows the settlement of transactions, as well as administration of all events re- lated to the life of a title. Maroclear brings security and fluidity necessary for the operation of post- market process. More information on


INTIX, based in Mechelen in Belgium is active globally. INTIX is an innovative service provider for the financial industry. INTIX offers to create a single view of all financial messaging data for easy access, generates reports for regulators, and delivers tools for monitoring and traceability. INTIX has customers in Africa, Asia, Europe, Russia and South America. Customers include financial institutions such as Argenta Spaarbank, KBC Bank, Russian Agriculture Bank, Isbank, ICG Guatemala, BankServ Africa and also companies. More information on