FinTech’s growing influence on Financial Services

What does FinTech mean for financial services organisations: innovation, disruption, opportunity – or all of them?

FinTech’s growing influence on Financial Services can be expressed as follows:


  • Over 80% of financial institutions believe business is at risk to innovators
  • 56% have put disruption at the heart of their strategy
  • 82% expect to increase FinTech partnerships in the next three to five years
  • 77% expect to adopt blockchain as part of an in production system or process by 2020


FinTech is all about innovation, disruption and transformation, and will undoubtedly impact and shape the way financial institutions around the world operate. Explore the key themes of the PwC report, as well as in the Executive Summary, and download the Global report to find out how senior financial services and FinTech executives around the world prepare their organisations for the impact of FinTech.