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Business activity monitoring

Transaction banking is witnessing a flurry of digital innovations; one major value proposition stands out though for both IT and Operations teams: maximising visibility and control on end-to-end transaction processing operations so as to enable real-time business activity monitoring.

INTIX data management technology makes it happen as it enables enterprise-wide business activity monitoring integrating both internal and external transaction data feeds in real time.

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Legal archiving of financial messages

Financial institutions are required to archive their financial messaging flows according to specific technical requirements related to readability, integrity, auditability, … various norms exist such as the ISO 14641:2018 which includes a set of technical specifications and organisational policies. Goal is to ensure legibility, integrity and traceability of the archived messages in the long term.

INTIX helps IT and Operations teams respond to such regulatory requirements. With INTIX, financial institutions create and organise their financial messaging archives in a compliant way.

Consult our Use Case fact sheet.

Instant access to transaction data

Data has become an economic asset. Business teams within wholesale banking need continuous insights on their past and on-going business activity whilst operations teams require access to transaction details for investigation purposes. Similarly, compliance officers need continuous access to transaction data for scrutiny. One of the main obstacles in those functions is related to data accessibility which is often depleted due to legacy technology, a multitude of formats and dependency on other departments.

INTIX helps business and operations teams, as well as compliance officers, access all transaction data across any internal system.

Consult our Use Case fact sheet (for compliance officers)

Consult our Use Case fact sheet (for operations and business teams)

Transaction flow integrity surveillance

Fraud continues to make headlines and financial institutions pursue their investments in risk mitigation solutions. Recent fraud cases revealed huge financial and reputational risks of internal fraudulent activities such as falsification of payment instructions, self-authorisation of instructions through collusion and injection of fraudulent messages in the processing workflows.

INTIX helps its clients protect themselves against any tampering and any injection of unwarranted instructions in the internal processing chain.

Consult our Use Case fact sheet.

INTIX makes your transaction data accessible and actionable