Web developers

Experienced and creative web GUI developers with at least some years of professional experience modern web application development.

Job Description

As a web developer you will be part of the R&D team for the Intix Message Suite, based in Mechelen. You will participate in the design, development and optimization of the graphical user interface of the solution, and be the lead developer for a number of components of the system.

You will be working on a multi-tier architecture using state-of-the-art design and development techniques such as model-driven architecture and single-page applications.

You combine a self-supporting attitude and the ability to work autonomously with an excellent team spirit. You will operate as a key player in an agile software development environment.


Required Skills

(all required to apply for this vacancy)

  • Excellent knowledge the JavaScript (Vanilla, EcmaScript, CoffeeScript) programming language.
    Good knowledge of HTML, CSS (Sass, LESS).
    Excellent knowledge of REST (representational state transfer) and JSON architectures.
    Familiarity with XML and related technologies.
    Familiarity with enterprise architectures.
    Comfort level in Dutch and English.
  • Be fun to work with !

Optional Skills

(not required, but will be considered an asset)

  • Experience with Vue.js or React.
    Experience with d3.js.
    Experience in an agile development environment.
    Experience with high-volume processing in web context.
    Comfort level in French or other languages.


You have at least two years of professional experience as an enterprise web GUI developer working in team.

Interested? Send your CV and your motivation letter to